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USAID LGCD Cricket equipments donation For AYCA

USAID LGCD donated complete cricket equipments to AYCA for AYCA Provincial Cricket Tournament. AYCA has 16 registered cricket clubs in AYCA Kabul, will take part in this tournament. This tournament will play an important role to bring talented Cricket player in front and further AYCA will prepare them for Afghanistan National Cricket Team. AYCA will distribute the Cricket equipments donated by USAID LGCD among Players during Tournament.

AYCA is thankful to USAID LGCD for this donation and expect for further support to construct a New Cricket Academy in Afghanistan. AYCA hope to get support from USAID LGCD for future projects for the development of Afghanistan Cricket and Afghanistan Youth.

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Khaliq Dad Noori (President AYCA) receiving Cricket Equipments donated by USAID LGCD
Khaliq Dad Noori, Asadullah AYCA Coach & other
Khaliq Dad Noori, Shafiq Asmat(President  AYSDO), Asadullah & other
Shafiq Asmat, Khaliq Dad Noori, Asadullah & other receiving Cricket Equipments
Shafiq Asmat, Khaliq Dad Noori, & Asadullah with other
Shafiq Asmat (President AYSDO) & Khaliq Dad Noori (President AYCA)
Shafiq Asmat Checking Cricket Equipments
Shafiq Asmat & Khaliq Dad Noori examining Equipments
USAID LGCD donated Cricket equipments for AYCA
Shafiq Asmat (President AYSDO)
Shafiq Asmat checking Cricket equipments
Shafiq Asmat with other
Khaliq Dad Noori showing Cricket bat from USAID donated equipments
Shafiq Asmat with other
Shafiq Asmat showing Cricket bat from USAID donated equipments
Shafiq Asmat, Khaliq Dad Noori & other
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