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  Advertisement Information
Companies can advertise at A.Y.C.A website. Also can become Sponsor of A.Y.C.A. Sponsors can get the following benefits.

1. Advertising space around the arena.
2. Exclusive use of the product on premises if applicable.
3. All clothing to carry logo of main sponsor.
4. Main banner on academy website.
5. Projection of sponsor logo on electronic media on regular basis.
6. Erection of sponsor product billboard from inside ground.
7. Dressing room to be named after sponsor.
8. Graduating cricketers to be asked to wear sponsor clothing whenever giving interviews on television.
9.  All stationary and Syllabus material to carry sponsor logo.
10. All traveling clothing to carry sponsor logo.
11. One tournament per year to carry sponsor title and nomenclature. All physical training and coaching videos to carry sponsor  branding in backdrop and on screen Sponsor logo on all media advertising of A.Y.C.A.
  For more details about Sponsorship and Advertisement Please Contact Us

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