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About A.Y.C.A
Sport is an important element in the social life of all peaceful countries. While peacekeeping forces and good government are obviously key ingredients in nation building in Afghanistan , we believe sport can play an important role in helping rebuild the nation's social fabric. By bringing people together in a spirit of friendly competition sport breaks down barriers of mistrust and enmity, provides a healthy outlet for youthful energy, encourages team spirit and turns attentions away from guns and fighting towards healthy exercise on the field of play. The (AYCA) seeks to help the Afghanistan Youth Cricketers    in rebuilding and re-establishing cricket in their war-torn country.
Mr. Khaliq Dad Noori , President of the AYCA explains

"Cricket was one of the few organized sports allowed under the previous government of the country, so it was and is a very important game for us, and for the development of the youth of Afghanistan. The Afghanistan Youth Cricket  Association was founded in 2001. Before the war we had 12 registered clubs and over 200regular players. We also had begun a schoolyard league that was introducing cricket to our schoolchildren. We are happy to report no known players lost during the fighting. However our main ground became an army command center used by various troops, and most of our equipment, facilities and the league infrastructure were destroyed.

We are trying to rebuild sponsorship and funds are urgently needed for ground facilities, equipment and tournament participation. Cricket should be an important social contributor to reconstruction in Afghanistan. We would like to thank the our main sponsor  for their hand of friendship, and for this opportunity to show that Afghanistan is also a country of sportsmen."
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